Good Bye 2020 and Hello 2021

We are 1/2 way through January and 2021 has turned to 2020 and said "here, hold my beer".  Let's all hope that by late spring that concerts will start happening again and we will be able to hit the road and see you amazing metal heads!!  

We have a new merchandise model named Chas ^^^^^^^^ that's her up there in the picture.  She's pretty awesome don't you think??  It's rumored that she may be on the new CD cover..... your thoughts???

We are 3 songs away from having the new CD written and then we will be heading into the recording studio.  It's been a long time, we know, but we know you will really love this one as much or more than you loved Witchcraft!

With all the craziness in the world at least we all have music to turn to!

Keep it metal!!

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