We Need YOUR Help to Make this Dream Album Come True!

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We have all been hit by the curse of the pandemic, some more than others. During the closure of the world, we at Epic Death were writing new songs and creating music for a new album called "The Seer". 

Much like everyone else, we did what we could to save money but unfortunately due to no shows and very little merchandise being sold, we weren't able to fund this album on our own. So we decided that we would come to our fans, friends, and family to contribute and be a part of this new album. 

We have offered some amazing perks and will be doing video and picture updates as often as possible. From digital downloads to Executive Producer, there is an array of cool things for you! 

Now that the world is starting to be "normal" again we hope that you will be part of "The Seer" and contribute whatever you can afford. If you can't contribute monetarily, please share it with your friends. Every little bit helps us reach our goal. Thank you for being there for us and supporting us in all that you have and will do.

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